Empower Indonesian Community Founder

to grow and perform better with a strategic initiative foundation


Wealth is more than material possessions; it includes psychological, spiritual, and social wellness. #SemangatBersyukur embodies this value and helps cultivate true wealth.

Shakaro Foundation empowers Indonesian community founders with #SemangatBersyukur values,

who are passionate about creating opportunities for social impact through income growth at Pondok Pesantren, art & culture sector, and business unit called Usaha Kreatif Mandiri (UKM)

Our Vision


Empower founders to perform better & grow faster with #SemangatBersyukur values

Beneficiaries ​

Pondok Pesantren

Empower sustainable Pondok Pesantren that fosters qualities of sincerity, simplicity, independence, unity, and freedom in Indonesian people.

Art & Culture

Developing sustainable arts and culture in Indonesia through creative programs.

Usaha Kreatif Mandiri

Empowering young entrepreneurs to build and manage sustainable businesses in Indonesia.


“Since 2015, Shakaro Foundation has collaborated with diverse founders and social-based businesses in Indonesia.”

- Shakaro Foundation

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